Coronavirus: Global Uncertainty related to Coronavirus, Bill Gates, remote work, and international capital flows in the COVID-19 crisis – what I have been reading today

Since I started to carefully study the coronavirus and its associated health and economic consequences in January 2020, I have been reading many news, research articles, and blog posts. I got more and more concerned and I hope that the situation will improve as soon as possible. Let me now regularly share with you some interesting background articles:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) created a Global Uncertainty Related to Coronavirus (it is at record high at the moment:

Bill Gates (who warned about the dangers of pandemics in the past) is funding new factories for 7 potential coronavirus vaccines:

Remote work is on the rise. The authors of the following paper find for a nationally representative sample of the US population that of “those previously employed, 34.5% report they were commuting and are now working from home… In addition, 11.2% report being laid-off or furloughed in the last 4 weeks.”

Giancarlo Corsetti and Emile Marin show that the current developments on international capital flows follow an historical pattern. “In crises, the dollar tends to appreciate – especially against emerging market currencies – and dollar liquidity becomes scarce.”

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