Coronavirus: Mass Testing, Real Time Labor Market Estimates, Economics in the Age of COVID-19, Fiscal Policies to Contain the Damage from COVID-19 – what I have been reading today

Since I started to carefully study the coronavirus and its associated health and economic consequences in January 2020, I have been reading many news, research articles, and blog posts. I got more and more concerned and I hope that the situation will improve as soon as possible. Let me now regularly share with you some interesting background articles:

The Nobel Prize winner Paul Romer strongly advocates mass testing (there are various articles, here is an example on his homepage):

In the United States, labor market statistics are collected once a month and published with a three week delay. In normal times, this is entirely sufficient. But currently, it is difficult to assess what is going on in the labor market (of course, one knows that the situation is very difficult).

Joshua Gans has a book manuscript for a book on “Economics in the Age of COVID-19”:

The International Monetary Fund has good overviews on fiscal policies in the time of COVID-19:

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