Coronavirus: how many workers are employed in sectors directly affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, an international perspective on COVID-19 and the world of work, and estimating the COVID-19 infection rate – what I have been reading today

Since I started to carefully study the coronavirus and its associated health and economic consequences in January 2020, I have been reading many news, research articles, and blog posts. I got more and more concerned and I hope that the situation will improve as soon as possible. Let me now regularly share with you some interesting background articles:

How many workers in the United States are employed in sectors that are most affected by COVID-19 shutdowns? A useful and good overview by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

According to the International Labour Organisation “Full or partial lockdown measures are now affecting almost 2.7 billion workers, representing around 81 per cent of the world’s workforce.” An important international perspective:–en/index.htm

How many people are infected by COVID-19? We do not know because not everyone has been tested. Charles F. Manski and Francesca Molinari try to provide credible and informative bounds on infection rates:

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