The Future and History of Economic Growth – what caught my eye this week: Revised forecasts for the world economy, productivity growth from teleworking, and much more…

The OECD published revised forecasts for the world economy and individual countries:

Are there productivity gains from teleworking? Interesting throughout:

Changes in U.S. real average hourly earnings from June 2009 to December 2019:

Do we need a “science of progress”? (a piece from 2019 by Patrick Collison and Tyler Cowen):

“Economic growth and productivity – Italy and the role of knowledge”: Speech by Mr Ignazio Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy. Very interesting!

There is a large and fierce public debate on so-called “zombie” firms (firms that are unprofitable but nevertheless remain in the market). A new BIS working paper on this issue: “Corporate zombies: Anatomy and life cycle”

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