What caught my eye: The U.S. tax system and automation, creativity in the age of artificial intelligence, and is there zombification in Europe?

“Is the United States Tax System Favoring Excessive Automation?”: a very interesting event, two excellent speakers with different perspectives. Highly recommended!


“Zombification in Europe in times of pandemic” a good and useful overview by Luc Laeven, Glenn Schepens, and Isabel Schnabel:


“Creativity will be key to competing against AI in the future workforce – here’s how” by Scott Belsky

Chief product officer, Adobe. I partially disagree with this text, but it is nevertheless interesting:


Economic Growth and Well-being. Low economic growth does not have to imply low well-being (Dietrich Vollrath and Eli Dourado):


“The impact of COVID-19 on potential output in the euro area”: (Prepared by Katalin Bodnár, Julien Le Roux, Paloma Lopez-Garcia and Bela Szörfi and published as part of the ECB Economic Bulletin, Issue 7/2020:


“Optimism Bias in Growth Forecasts—The Role of Planned Policy Adjustments” an interesting IMF Working Paper by Kareem Ismail, Roberto Perrelli, and Jessie Yang:


Automation Shouldn’t Always be Automatic: Making Artificial Intelligence Work for Workers and the World:


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