The Future of Money – what caught my eye: Digital currencies, the Federal Reserve’s new framework, and much more…

An interesting and great conference on “digital currency: risk or promise?”:

The Open Money Initiative analyzes “how people use money in closed economies and collapsing monetary systems”:

“Stablecoins: potential, risks and regulation” an interesting report by Douglas Arner, Raphael Auer and Jon Frost of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS):

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee (meeting of November 4 and 5):

“A New Framework for Assessing Climate Change Risk in Financial Markets” by Nahiomy Alvarez, Alessandro Cocco , Ketan B. Patel:

“Central Banks and Climate: A Case Of Mission Creep” by John H. Cochrane. He presents a skeptical view on the idea that central banks should help combat climate change (earlier I had sent to links where the authors agreed with the ideas that central banks should support policies to a “greener” economy):

Household debt and credit report of the New York Fed:

“The Federal Reserve’s New Framework: Context and Consequences” Fed Vice Chair Richard H. Clarida:

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