What caught my eye: Artificial intelligence, part-time jobs, U.S. fiscal policy, and much more…

A good overview on artificial intelligence and its economic implications (Brookings scholars Darrell West and John Allen):

What would happen if all jobs were part-time? “A field trial with Zurich Insurance to advertise all jobs as part-time”:


“World Trade Report 2020: Government policies to promote innovation in the digital age”:


This is highly recommended: “Fiscal Policy Advice for Joe Biden and Congress: An event co-hosted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution”


Do you agree with that?: Matthew Yglesias on “Low interest rates are a curse — we need massive fiscal imprudence”:


E-commerce sales are rising (obviously):


The virtual event series on transatlantic relations (by several transatlantic institutions and German political foundations):

“Will the Secular Decline In Exchange Rate and Inflation Volatility Survive COVID-19?” (by Ethan Ilzetzki, Carmen M. Reinhart & Kenneth S. Rogoff):


The CPB (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis) published its forecast for the Dutch economy:


“Public Understanding of Economics and Economic Statistics” (by Johnny Runge, Nathan Hudson-Sharp9. Very interesting:


The Global Earnings Inequality Database by Olle Hammar and Daniel Waldenström:


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