Technology Means Disabled Americans Have More Opportunities Than Ever

Historically, individuals with disabilities had very limited career options. But today, when you can work and go to school from the comfort of home, people with physical and learning differences can take control of their futures without limitations. From assistive technologies to the best degrees for working from home, today’s Eagle and Bear Economist post by Patrick Young from explores the ways tech has touched the lives of professional Americans with disabilities.

Online Education

Just a few decades ago, correspondence education was largely considered a sham. Today, however, the vast majority of colleges offer online classes. This has made education more readily available for those with physical disabilities that make it difficult to traverse sprawling campuses and crowded corridors. Plus, you can work at your own pace and apply to colleges you may not have had access to if you had to stick with a brick-and-mortar location.

Degree options for disabled persons are limitless, with many choosing a career in cybersecurity or accounting. Each of these is high-paying and allows for ample job growth. IT, for example, can lead to a career in everything from app development to data infrastructure. The skills gained from earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology can be grown and refined as technology evolves.


Assistive technology is more than just screen readers and dictation software. This is any type of technological advancement that levels the playing ground for people with physical, learning, or other disabilities. This includes wheelchairs, hearing aids, visual search engines, and closed captioning, but even our everyday devices can be used for ease of communication or to make work less of a hassle.

A large computer monitor, for example, can assist people with visual and cognitive impairments by providing a clear and immersive work experience. Perhaps more importantly, mobile devices make it easy to connect with clients, coworkers, and others. The iPhone is just one of many portable devices for people with disabilities that puts tools in their hands, such as fast data processing and a professional-grade camera, that can allow for a seamless work experience from anywhere. A reliable phone can also power apps designed to ease the burdens of those with disabilities.

Excellent Opportunities

The disABLEDperson blog explains that there are many work-from-home career opportunities for people with disabilities. These include everything from medical administration assistant to call center jobs. Freelance writing, technical support, and graphic design are other possible career paths that don’t require physical exertion.

For those with a more entrepreneurial mindset, buying a franchise presents many more opportunities. Franchises are often beneficial as much of the research and development has already been done. This type of business model is already designed for optimal profits and, as long as you’re willing to put in the work, you can likely find success as a franchise owner. Keep in mind, however, that there are many fees associated with buying a franchise, and you will have to have substantial working capital from the beginning. As a disabled person, you may qualify for grants that can help you fund your new business.

Finding a job as a disabled person often feels like an insurmountable task. But thanks to greater awareness, better opportunities, and technology, it does not have to. The only limitations are those you impose on yourself. With the right mindset and access to the internet, you can find your own brand of success regardless of your diagnosis.

By Patrick Young from

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