What caught my eye: The future of work, the effects of minimum wages, progressive supply-side economics, and much more…

“Securing Our Economic Future: Policies to Strengthen the Middle Class and Address Climate Change”, an interesting event by the Aspen Institute (in the United States):

“Rise of the superstar firms: Taking oligopoly seriously in macroeconomics” by Xavier Vives:


“The Future of Work: Economic and Social Policies for the Digital Era”, a panel discussion at the Institute for New Economic Thinking:


“Myth or Measurement: What Does the New Minimum Wage Research Say about Minimum Wages and Job Loss in the United States?” by David Neumark & Peter Shirley:


“Measuring real activity in real time: Exiting the Great Recession and entering the pandemic recession” by Francis Diebold:


The European Central Bank (ECB) sets up a climate change centre:


Progressive supply-side economics? by Eli Dourado:

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