What caught my eye: Central bank independence, creative destruction, American nostalgia, and much more…

“Central Bank Independence. Lessons from History”, a great discussion with Stefano Ugolini, Barry Eichengreen, Harold James, and Andrew G. Haldane:


“Will Productivity and Growth Return After the COVID-19 Crisis?” Highly recommended:


“Global goliaths: Multinational corporations in the 21st century economy”, very interesting:

“The price of American economic nostalgia” (Adam S. Posen (PIIE), Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg (PIIE), Robert Z. Lawrence (PIIE) and Simeon Djankov):


“The Power of Creative Destruction: Economic Upheaval and the Wealth of Nations” Philippe Aghion:


“How to revisit central banking and financial stability”:


Industrial production in the United States increased 1.4 percent in March:


“Adapting workers to the modern economy: Alternative training and certification” by Marcus Casey and Ember Smith:

“Supervising cryptoassets for anti-money laundering” by Rodrigo Coelho, Jonathan Fishman and Denise Garcia Ocampo:


“An Update on How Households Are Using Stimulus Checks” by Olivier Armantier, Leo Goldman, Gizem Koşar, and Wilbert van der Klaauw:


Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, March 16-17, 2021:


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