What caught my eye: Inclusive prosperity, recession-proof your finances, central banks, and much more…

“A Policy Matrix for Inclusive Prosperity” by Dani Rodrik and Stefanie Stantcheva, highly reommended:

“7 ways to help recession-proof your finances after coronavirus crisis” by Sara Foster from bankrate. Simple and useful recommendations!


“Introduction to Psychological Science” by Steven Pinker:


“New CEPR Policy Insight – The Legacy of the Pandemic: How Covid-19 is Reshaping Economic Policy in the EU” by Marco Buti (European Commission); George Papaconstantinou (European University Institute): 


“The Death of the Central Bank Myth” by Adam Tooze:

“The Future of the WTO” with Alan Wm. Wolff


“Setting Europe’s economic recovery in motion: a first look at national plans” by Zolt Darvas and Simone Tagliapietra:


By the way, in case you missed my recent forecast for the Italian economy:

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