What caught my eye: Budgeting for the future, currency arrangements, the education of the future, and much more…

“Here’s how to get billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to the world” by Chad P. Bown and Thomas J. Bollyky:


“Budgeting for the future”, a nice way to improve financial literacy:


“New Science aims to build new institutions of basic science, starting with the life sciences.” Sounds very interesting:


education-freedom wants to “Give students the freedom to get the most affordable and highest quality education”. I like the idea:


“What three economists taught us about currency arrangements” by Jeffrey Frankel:


“Pathways for productivity and growth after the COVID-19 crisis” by Hans‐Helmut Kotz, Jan Mischke, Sven Smit:


“Why Working from Home Will Stick” by Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom & Steven J. Davis:


“The Historical Decline in Real Interest Rates and Its Implications for CBO’s Projections” Presentation by Edward Gamber, an analyst in CBO’s Macroeconomic Analysis Division, at the 23rd Federal Forecasters Conference:


“Everything You Know about Cross-Country Convergence Is (Now) Wrong” by Dev Patel, Justin Sandefur and Arvind Subramanian:


“Sticky floors or glass ceilings? The role of human capital, working time flexibility and discrimination in the gender wage gap” by Gabriele Ciminelli, Cyrille Schwellnus:


“The SEC should—and can—pay more attention to financial stability” by Daniel K. Tarullo

“Startups in the United States during the pandemic reflect some dynamism amid job losses” by Simeon Djankov and Eva (Yiwen) Zhang:


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