What caught my eye: are people more or less productive working from home, inflation expectations, the Greening of the financial system, and much more…

Why some people are less productive working from home, interesting!


“What are inflation expectations? Why do they matter?” by Tyler Powell and David Wessel:

“How to solve the puzzle of missing productivity growth” by Erik Brynjolfsson, Seth G. Benzell, and Daniel Rock:

“Corporate zombification: post-pandemic risks in the euro area” by Tobias Helmersson, Luca Mingarelli, Benjamin Mosk, Allegra Pietsch, Beatrice Ravanetti, Tamarah Shakir and Jonas Wendelborn:


“There are reasons to worry about US inflation” by Martin Wolf:


“The Green Swan Conference” organized by the Bank for International Settlements, Bank of France, International Monetary Fund and Network for Greening the Financial System:


The Network for Greening the Financial System:


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