What caught my eye: US inflation, digital currencies, wage compensation of risk, and much more…

US inflation increased in May:


Risk without reward? “The myth of wage compensation for hazardous work” by Peter Dorman and Les Boden:

“Now-casting the Euro Area GDP” by Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia (Federal Reserve Board), Thiago R. T. Ferreira (Federal Reserve Board), Domenico Giannone (Amazon.com), and Michele Modugno (Federal Reserve Board):


“Index of Common Inflation Expectations” by Hie Joo Ahn and Chad Fulton:


“No ordinary recovery” by Laurence Boone:

US unemployment in 2020, interesting!


International Trade: The New Normal:


A digital euro? by Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn:

“Should the State or the Market Provide Digital Currency?” by Lawrence H. White:


“Money Aggregates, Debt, Pent-Up Demand, and Inflation: Evidence from WWII” by Federico S. Mandelman:


Private Money and Central Bank Money as Payments Go Digital: an Update on CBDCs:


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