What caught my eye: Global supply chain pressures, monetary policy operations, U.S. exports, and much more…

The World Bank Economic Outlook: “Slowing Growth, Rising Risks”:


Macro Musings with David Beckworth: Lorie Logan on “Monetary Policy Operations, the Fed’s New Standing Repo Facility, and the Future of the Fed’s Balance Sheet”:


“A New Barometer of Global Supply Chain Pressures” (by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) by Gianluca Benigno, Julian di Giovanni, Jan J. J. Groen, and Adam I. Noble:

“Historical Parallels to Today’s Inflationary Episode” by Chair Cecilia Rouse, Jeffery Zhang, and Ernie Tedeschi:


“U.S.-China technology competition” A Brookings Global China Interview by Ryan Hass, Patricia M. Kim, Emilie Kimball, Jessica Brandt, David Dollar, Cameron F. Kerry, Aaron Klein, Joshua P. Meltzer, Chris Meserole, Amy J. Nelson, Pavneet Singh, Melanie W. Sisson, and Thomas Wright:

“When Will U.S. Exports Take Off?” by Ruth Cesar Heymann and Julian di Giovanni:

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