What caught my eye: Scientific writing, central bank digital currencies, the rise of the side startup, and much more…

“Maybe because writing is so often the final step in a research project (when we are exasperated and ready to be done with the damn thing), scientists tend to think of it as ornamental, akin to a peacock’s tail, and not as a core metabolic process in the cycle of scientific innovation.

This is a grave problem. The way that we write is inseparable from the way that we think, and restrictions in one necessarily lead to restrictions in the other.” by Roger’s Bacon:


“Do Funding Agencies Select and Enable Risky Research: Evidence from ERC Using Novelty as a Proxy of Risk Taking” From the abstract “Concern exists that public funding of science is increasingly risk averse…We find that applicants with a history of risky research are less likely to be selected for funding than those without such a history, especially early career applicants.” by Reinhilde Veugelers, Jian Wang & Paula Stephan


“The changing structure of government consumption spending” by Alessio Moro and Omar Rachedi:


“Green energy depends on critical minerals. Who controls the supply chains?” by Luc Leruth, Adnan Mazarei, Pierre Régibeau and Luc Renneboog:


“The optimal amount of central bank digital currency in circulation: Early evidence suggests that the expected impact of issuing a digital euro on bank profitability and lending depends on the bank’s reliance on deposit funding and the amount of digital euro in circulation. This is due to the perceived substitutability between central bank digital currencies and bank deposits. The optimal amount of central bank digital currency in circulation for the euro area lies between 15% and 45% of quarterly GDP.” by Lorenzo Burlon, Carlos Montes-Galdón, Manuel A. Muñoz, Frank Smets:


“The rise of the side startup: Remote workers are starting new businesses behind their bosses’ backs.” by Rani Molla:


“What’s in Store for China’s Mortgage Market?: The Chinese economy has been wracked by rural bank defaults and boycotts over mortgage payments”


The social capital atlas:


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