How to Change Your Hiring Process to Make It More Diverse

Everyone deserves to be given a chance in life; hence, the importance of being able to take on new hires that don’t necessarily fit the mold or tick off all the boxes. Today, the guest blog by Ethel Lair shares a few tips on how to expand your hiring process to cater to all people.

Making sure your business is compliant first

Before considering onboarding new employees, you’ll need to make sure your business is compliant first. This is where ensuring your business has an Employer Identification Number becomes essential not just for tax purposes and the IRS but also if you want to provide your staff with benefits such as retirement policies. Obtaining this EIN is part of structuring your business, such as a Limited Liability Company. Ensuring that you have the correct business structure to add legitimacy to your business and to protect yourself and your employees also makes you more appealing as an employer. You should also refer to the American Disabilities Act if you’re going to keep up to date with what you can expect as an employer as per the law when you onboard recruits with disabilities.

You might also consider pursuing another advantage called business bachelors degree that will give you an edge over the competition by updating you on the modern strategies and regulations you need to know. If you’ve ever thought about getting that business degree but you weren’t sure you could fit it into your schedule, online learning might offer exactly the flexibility you need.

Adapt your recruitment process

Catering to people from all backgrounds will require you to adapt your recruitment process. This might entail revising your job posts so they are concise and simple to understand. Additionally, try to promote your job post so that it is explicitly open to all. Also, avoid terms or words that may seem prejudiced or exclusive. Video-based interviews can also work well at sparing potential applicants the hassle of commuting for a face-to-face interview. One may also need to consider implementing remote working opportunities and increased flexi-time for those who cannot work according to traditional office hours.

Managing company policies and documents

If you want an atmosphere of exclusivity to permeate throughout your organization, it may be necessary to change company policy and its applicable documentation to reflect this. If your workbooks comprise PDFs, then a PDF editor tool can help you edit PDF documents quickly and easily. All you need to do is upload the relevant PDF documents, make the changes, and then download them once done to share with your new employees.

Change the infrastructure

To make the workplace friendlier for all, the infrastructure within the business may need to be changed. For example, the office may need to be designed with open space planning to accommodate wheelchairs and other disability devices. Similar changes may need to be implemented regarding office equipment and software to make it more accessible for everyone, such as utilizing adjustable desks in the office, ergonomic height adjustable seating, easy-to-reach storage space, and more.

Another example is changing the accessibility of your website if it is your primary business. SHRM explains that including people living with disabilities in the design of your website to modify its features to make it more user-friendly can enable others living with disabilities to navigate your website and apply for a position more easily.

Offer additional training

GoSkills points out that it might also be helpful to implement additional training opportunities for people that require it. Practical steps, such as offering internships and opportunities for further study and training, can motivate existing employees to grow and strive for more within the workplace.

Hiring more inclusively will probably entail rethinking how you would typically hire. However, the benefits of adapting your thought process could result in more positive, uplifting, and rewarding changes for your business, its employees, and your work culture in the end.

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