What caught my eye: Cognitive abilities, central banks and climate change, foreign technology adoption, and much more…

“Your job can shape your cognitive abilities: Restaurant workers whose job involved constantly keeping track of orders were better at tests of working memory updating.” Interesting (obvious on second thoughts):


Interview with Paul Romer (2018 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences) of New York University. Interesting and straight to the point: https://hdsr.mitpress.mit.edu/pub/zgu2u8y6/release/2

“Foreign Technology Adoption as a Flying Propeller” by Yunfang Hu, Takuma Kunieda, Kazuo Nishimura & Ping Wang. In Asian economies, “technology-embodied FDI served as a flying propeller, explaining almost two-thirds of their economic growth”:


“Is the five-day work week becoming something of the past? Does working less make us and the organisations that we work for better off? Could it even make us more productive?” Interesting podcast from the Productivity Institute:

“US Economic Outlook: Mid-April Update” from EY Parthenon. Rather pessimistic: “The economy is unwell. It’s not the flu, but it is a throat ache. And it’s unlikely to get better in the coming months.”


“Is China’s industrial policy working?” another highly interesting trade talks podcast:

“The role of central banks in the macroeconomics of climate change” Speech by François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de France:


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