What caught my eye: Decoupling of monetary policy, roots of progress, Oppenheimer, and much more…


“Oppenheimer, Einstein, von Neumann and other Institute faculty channeled much of their effort toward what AI researchers today call the “alignment” problem: how to make sure our discoveries serve us instead of destroying us.”


The coming decoupling of monetary policy? I don’t think so. Perhaps, Asian central banks will cut rates first, but U.S. and European central banks will follow soon:


Innovation and Appropriability: “In this paper, …with the goal of updating and extending a set of stylized facts that has been influential for our understanding of the economics of innovation.”


The roots of progress supports new bloggers: https://fellowship.rootsofprogress.org  

“A global subsidy war? Keeping up with the Americans”: https://www.ft.com/content/4bc03d4b-6984-4b24-935d-6181253ee1e0  

“Real Policymaking Involves a Lot of Other Things Besides Pure Technical Analysis.” Interview with Ben Bernanke:


Is Canada in an economic crisis? The Fraser Institute says yes: “What is Behind Canada’s Growth Crisis?”


“AI won’t replace professions like doctors, lawyers, or journalists—but those who work with AI will replace those who don’t.”


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