What caught my eye: All published blockchain papers, US manufacturing jobs, career transitions, lessons from past inflation episodes, and much more…

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Crypto and Blockchain Economics Literature Catalog: “This is a catalog of all published blockchain papers in top business and economics journals.” Very useful!


“Reality Check on US Manufacturing Jobs” by Conversable Economist:

“Repeat after me: building any new homes reduces housing costs for all” by John Burn-Murdoch from the Financial Times:


“China and the WTO: A Twenty-Year Assessment”:


One Hundred Inflation Shocks: Seven Stylized Facts: “Most unresolved episodes involved “premature celebrations”, where inflation declined initially, only to plateau at an elevated level or re-accelerate.” by Anil Ari ; Carlos Mulas-Granados ; Victor Mylonas ; Lev Ratnovski ; Wei Zhao


How to Think Strategically About a Career Transition


SAFE-CEPR POLICY WEB SEMINAR: A Safe Core Mandate for Central Banks


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