What caught my eye: The automation of jobs, geoeconomic fragmentation, autoworkers in the U.S., global warming, and much more…

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“Jobs will be automated, but not because of the latest Generative AI”,

“What is more, workers with less specialised skills stand to gain disproportionately, as they can now generate content that aligns with the ‘average’ benchmark.”


“Autoworkers used to be the best-paid workers in the U.S. What happened?”


“Countries Must Contain Global Warming While Keeping Debt in Check”


“Geoeconomic Fragmentation: The Economic Risks from a Fractured World Economy”

«After decades of increasing global economic integration, the world is facing the risk of fragmentation. A shallow and uneven recovery from the global financial crisis (GFC) was followed by Brexit, US–China trade tensions, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a growing number of military conflicts»


“How a Four-Day Workweek Actually Works, From the Companies Pulling It Off”,

Interesting: “Organizations that have dipped a toe into shortened workweeks say it has resulted in happier, healthier staff, less turnover and a wave of interest from job applicants—usually with little to no loss in productivity.”


“Why Consumers Are Mad About Inflation Even Though It Has Fallen”


“How climate change affects potential output: Climate change and the actions taken to tackle it will profoundly change economic activity in the coming decades.”


“Technological change and the destabilisation of bank deposits: Assessment and policy implications”

“The March 2023 demise of some US regional banks and of Credit Suisse suggests that, contrary to expectations, the additional regulatory frameworks introduced after 2008, notably in the field of liquidity requirements, have not overcome the problem of bank runs and the need for central banks to act forcefully as lender of last resort.”


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