What caught my eye: State of artificial intelligence, work from home, macroprudential policy, inflation expectations, and much more…

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State of AI Report 2023 (published by Nathan Benaich, Air Street Capital), a great resource if you want to know what will shape our future:


“If the first solar entrepreneur hadn’t been kidnapped, would fossil fuels have dominated the 20th century the way they did?” What a story!


5th ECB macroprudential policy and research conference on macroprudential policy:


“Dropbox’s CEO has a message for bosses who want workers to return to office: ‘They’re not resources to control’”


“The best books to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” via the Financial Times:


“Inflation Expectations: Determinants and Consequences Conference” at the Becker Friedman Institute:

«Regulators must quickly find a way to manage risks posed to financial stability by the concentration of power in artificial intelligence platforms, the chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission has urged.» 


Annual Report of the Ethical AI Governance Group: “Let’s embrace the complexities, celebrate the advancements, and chart a course for an AI-driven future that is ethical, inclusive, and truly transformative.”


“Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality: Maternal Endowments, Investments, and Birth Outcomes”


“Changing Patterns of Risk-Sharing Channels in the United States and the Euro Area”: “We show that there is substantial room to strengthen the shock-absorption capacity of the EMU.”

by Jacopo Cimadomo, Massimo Giuliodori, Andras Lengyel, Haroon Mumtaz


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