U.S. economy: Many signs point to a strong summer

Fiscal relief and stimulus measures will lead to strong economic growth in 2021. The U.S. economy started this year with momentum. In addition to the fiscal stimulus measures, the U.S. vaccination program has evolved very well and is likely to have increased confidence that the pandemic will gradually subside in the current year.

What caught my eye: what is inflation, status vs. argument, what is Bidenomics, and much more…

What is inflation?

What caught my eye: are people more or less productive working from home, inflation expectations, the Greening of the financial system, and much more…

Why some people are less productive working from home

Book recommendations: the profit paradox, how do people form their expectations on macroeconomic issues, and narrative economics

In his very interesting book, Richard Curtin (who has directed the consumer sentiment survey of the University of Michigan for several decades) argues that consumers form expectations in a complex way using conscious and nonconscious processes.

Inflation – is it coming or not?

In many countries, inflation increased in the spring – especially in April. While there is no need to panic, one should nevertheless be aware of potential inflation risks.