U.S. economy: recession not yet here, but increasingly likely

The economic situation remains very uncertain. It is rightly pointed out, for example, that the labor market is still robust. But the first dark clouds are already gathering on the horizon, even for the labor market.

What caught my eye: The IMF economic outlook, the oil market in 2023, and the effects of Brexit

The International Monetary Fund published its economic outlook (in my opinion, it is a bit too optimistic):

Political paralysis in the United States likely – also a problem for Europe?

After the midterm elections in the U.S., there is hardly any time to take a deep breath on the political level.

What caught my eye: The US-China trade conflict, workers and commuting, climate scenarios for central banks, and much more…

As always when Chad Bown publishes a piece, I can only recommend it!

What caught my eye: Monetary policy post-pandemic, investment treaties, the financial stability implications of digital assets, and much more…

Does the digital financial system create new potential challenges to financial stability?

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