U.S. Economy: Slowdown ahead

The US economy has been robust so far and grew strongly in the summer. However, there is now likely to be a slowdown.

What caught my eye: State of artificial intelligence, work from home, macroprudential policy, inflation expectations, and much more…

“Reality Check on US Manufacturing Jobs”

What caught my eye: The automation of jobs, geoeconomic fragmentation, autoworkers in the U.S., global warming, and much more…

“Reality Check on US Manufacturing Jobs”

Global economy faces a difficult winter half-year

The global economy expanded solidly in the second quarter of 2023, but without much momentum. I expect Europe – especially Germany and the United Kingdom – to experience a recession in the winter half-year.

What caught my eye: The labor market then and now, central bank interest rates, you need quiet time, and much more…

“The US labor market has experienced significant changes since the turn of the century.”

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