World economy shocked by the war in Ukraine

The global economy is being hit hard by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting surge in energy prices.

Further wave of pandemic delays recovery of the global economy

Against the backdrop of the omicron wave and continuing problems with international supply chains, the global economy lost further momentum at the beginning of the year.

What caught my eye: Global supply chain pressures, monetary policy operations, U.S. exports, and much more…

The World Bank Economic Outlook: “Slowing Growth, Rising Risks”

What caught my eye: Labor markets and inflation, central bank digital currencies, international trade, and much more…

Stablecoins, taxation of business income, and the invention of economic growth

The Future of Work and Cities: Will More People Live in Cities than Today? – A Fictitious Look Back

2020 and 2021 marked a turning point worldwide: the corona pandemic had left a lasting mark on people at the time, severely restricting the possibilities for physical exchange for a time and thus leading to a digitalization push in many areas.