Debt dispute over, but: the US economy will cease to be a global economic engine for now

The US politicians have once again made things exciting.

U.S. Economy: Banking crisis will lead to contraction of the economy

The U.S. economy is in turmoil and exposed to high risks. The banking stress, the debate about raising the debt ceiling, higher interest rates, geopolitical tensions, and the weakening global economy are likely to lead to a recession this year.

What caught my eye: Cognitive abilities, central banks and climate change, foreign technology adoption, and much more…

“Your job can shape your cognitive abilities: Restaurant workers whose job involved constantly keeping track of orders were better at tests of working memory updating.” Interesting (obvious on second thoughts)

Global economy faces sluggish recovery

The global economy will recover only sluggishly this year with growth of 2.8 percent and next year of 3.4 percent, especially as no tailwind is expected from monetary and fiscal policy.

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